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04 July 2013 @ 12:51 pm
The Final Countdown  

The Final Countdown

So this is a personal mix, a revamped version of this one which I made in the wake
of discovering my partner had been cheating on me.
Those wounds are cleanly healed now but it's a good mix all the same.
I hope you like it.

It is part one of a pair.
Part two coming soon.

Never Meant To Fail
Alex Lloyd

It's not meant to, be this lonely
We were never meant to fail

How Much It Hurts
Just Off Turner

I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt
If you're listening this is how much it hurts

Careless Whisper

Time can never mend
The careless whispers of a good friend

Back To Black
Amy Winehouse

We only said good-bye with words
I died a hundred times

Auf Achse
Franz Ferdinand

You want her, you can't have her
You want to, but she won't let you

Blame It On My Youth
Jamie Cullum

If only just for you I did exist
Blame it on my youth

All You Want

My hands feel empty
No one to hold

Just Hold Me
Maria Mena

But I can't remember life without him
I think I did have good days

Happiness and Disaster

We’re swimming between the waves of
Happiness and disaster

Something About Us
Daft Punk

It might not be the right time
I might not be the right one

La Roux

The messages I've tried to send
My information's just not goin in

Heal Over
KT Tunstall

Don't hold on but don't let go
I know it's so hard
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