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24 February 2013 @ 11:54 pm
burn this city  

burn this city

sixteen kismesissitude songs
(and five bonus tracks for relationships that aren't right and end badly)

made with help from Lori and Morgue

Somebody Hates Me
Reel Big Fish
No matter what I do somebody hates me
And I hate somebody too
Somebody like you

She's My Man
Scissor Sisters

I wanna tell her that I love it
When she chokes me in the
Backseat of her riverboat

Love Me Dead
Kill me romantically, fill my soul with vomit
Then ask me for a piece of gum
Bitter and dumb, you're my sugarplum

Figured You Out
I like the freckles on your chest
And I like the way you like me best
And I like the way you're not impressed
While you put me to the test

I'll Be That Girl
Barenaked Ladies
If you will not have me as myself
Perhaps there's someone else
Perhaps there's you
I'll be worth noticing

Mr Hurricane
I saw him comin' at me empty and so cold
I never knew emotion
Till he caught me in his fold

This Fire
Franz Ferdinand
Eyes, burning a way through me
Overwhelm, destroying so sweetly
Now, there is a fire within me

Florence and the Machine

Now there's no holding back, I'm making to attack
My blood is singing with your voice, I want to pour it out

Josh Pyke
No don't call my lover from your telephone
I don't believe in the last lines of defence
So don't call my lover from your telephone

Spanish Temper

It was hot enough to kill somebody
And it thought it was going to be me

No Children
The Mountain Goats
I hope it stays dark forever
I hope the worst isn't over
And I hope you blink before I do

You Turn the Screws
You turn the screws, it's what you choose to do
You think that I must turn them too

Our blood and guts are out
We spread our bones across the table at night
We cut our fingers off
To give ourselves those little extra insights

And I know I choose to be, yet I feel I'm a captive of you
And I make love to you, but I hate you

Pierrot the Clown
Leave me bleeding on the bed
See you right back here tomorrow
For the next round

The Perfect Drug
Nine Inch Nails
You make me hard, when I'm all soft inside
I see the truth when I'm all stupid eyed


Wake Up Call
Maroon 5
Six foot tall
Came without a warning so I had to shoot him dead
He won't come around here anymore

I've Got Your Number


I know what you have done

History of Lovers
Iron & Wine
Louise came to rescue me, missing the irony
Blood made her heart change its beating
I hope that she's happy I'm blamed for the death of
The man she found better than me

See America Right
The Mountain Goats
If we never make it back to California
I want you to know I love you
But my love is like a dark cloud full of rain
That's always right there up above you

Welcome Home
Coheed & Cambria
Fucking up all I do
And if so here we stop
Then never again
Will you see this in your life
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