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06 February 2013 @ 02:57 am
the place you call home  

the place you call home

sixteen moirallegiance songs
(and five bonus tracks for relationships that don't go smoothly if they even go at all) 

made with help from Lori and Morgue

Call and Answer
Barenaked Ladies
And if you call, I will answer
And if you fall, I'll pick you up
And if you court this disaster
I'll point you home

Chiquitita, tell me the truth
I'm a shoulder you can cry on
Your best friend, I'm the one you must rely on

Passenger Seat

Death Cab for Cutie

When you feel embarrassed then i'll be your pride
When you need directions then I'll be the guide
For all time

Bird on a Wire
Sarah Blasko

For the first time in your life you're coming home
You can feel the strength returning to your bones

Lucky Star
Alex Lloyd

And I want you to know
That someone will be there for you
My lucky star, lucky star

Make the World Safe for You

The Whitlams
Come and live over here
I can make the world safe for you
Nothing bad'll happen now

Green Eyes

I came here with a load
And it feels so much lighter now I met you
And honey you should know
That I could never go on without you

Lily Allen

I don't want anything more
Than to see your face when you open the door

Missy Higgins

But I will learn to breathe this ugliness you see
So we can both be there and we can both share the dark

Hamburg Song

No, don't wanna be the only one you know
I wanna be the place you call home

Crash and Burn
Savage Garden
Give me a moment please
To tame your wild wild heart



You do not make me feel complete
Just part of another whole that halved

Heal Over
KT Tunstall

Come over here lady 
Let me wipe your tears away 

Little Birdy

Forever is too short a time with you

Heart's A Mess

Your heart's a mess
You won't admit to it
It makes no sense
But I'm desperate to connect
And you, you can't live like this
Sweet Talk
The Killers
Dig me out from this thorn tree
Help me bury my shame
Keep my eyes from the fire
They can’t handle the flame


She's So Mean
Matchbox 20

And all you want is just to hold her, but she don’t go for that



I don't believe that anybody
Feels the way I do, about you now

Armour Love
La Roux

Slipping through my fingers
And into another's
Tell me why won't you turn back?

Have To Explode
the Mountain Goats

I speak in smoke signals and you answer in code
The fuse will have to run out sometime
Something here will eventually have to explode


Daria, I won't be soothed over like
Smoothed over like milk
Silk, a bedspread, or a quilt
Icing on a cake
Or a serene translucent lake


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